Welcome to the Anglican Church Haarlem. Our small and caring Christian community provides a welcome spiritual haven as we worship God together.

Special Notice: Our regular worship takes place on Sunday afternoons at 14.30. On Sunday 29th November, however, we will not be holding our Eucharist service at 14.30. Instead we will live stream our Advent Carol Service at 19.30. This is a traditional Service with lessons and carols sung by our choir.  The link for the service will soon be available on our website.



Sunday 22nd November is the Sunday before Advent, Christ the King. Click here to read our written online service or register to come to our Eucharist in church. Today our worship is led by Rev. Dr. Mattijs Ploeger.

Annual General Meeting
The AGM took place on Sunday 4th October after our afternoon service. This was a later date than expected – the original meeting was postponed, see below for more information.

Please note: the original date off the AGM was postponed following a proposal which was accepted on 29th June 2020:
Because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the Annual Chaplaincy Church Meeting was postponed to 4th October 2020.
In addition, the publication of the financial statements for 2019 was postponed. The reason for this postponement lay in the fact that the restrictions arising from the situation surrounding Covid19 / Corona virus made it impossible to hold the annual meeting necessary for the adoption of the financial statements within six months after the end of the 2019 financial year.