Welcome Revd Bruce Rienstra

On Sunday 30th January we gathered – both in church and at home. It was wonderful to be able to have this Service of Licensing and Installation for Revd Bruce Rienstra in church, albeit with limited numbers (just two weeks ago the church had been closed for the lockdown).

With candles lit and flowers adorning the altar, Archdeacon the Ven. Sam van Leer led the service and asked: Will you accept Bruce as your pastor and uphold him in this ministry?

The answer was a resounding: We will.

Among the various Visiting Representatives of other Churches attending this Eucharist we were  pleased to welcome: The Rt Revd Dick Jan Schoon, Bishop of Haarlem, Old Catholic Church; The Revd Robert Frede, Priest of the Old Catholic Church in Haarlem; The Revd Ruan Crew, Area Dean for the Netherlands


We remember now and give thanks to God for all who have worshipped and ministered here in the past, especially the Priests from the Oud Katholiek Kerk and the Priests from the Anglican community in the Netherlands who have supported us so much over the years of interregnum.

We pray for the present congregation.

We pray for the new minister and his wife, Lauretta.

We pray for the local community served by this church.

We pray for our own involvement in the life of God’s Church.