The Fifth Sunday of Easter

All, are welcome to share in this written service for worshipping at home this Fifth Sunday of Easter. Here you can find today’s readings, prayers and music.

We open with a prayer for peace, for areas in the world, especially Sudan and Ukraine, where war and unrest are affecting so many people.

Almighty God, from whom all thoughts of truth and peace proceed: kindle, we pray, in the hearts of all, the true love of peace and guide with your pure and peaceable wisdom those who take counsel for the nations of the earth that in tranquillity your kingdom may go forward, till the earth is filled with the knowledge of your love; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen. 



Opening Hymn NEH 103

Alleluia! Alleluia! Hearts to heav’n and voices raise 


The Collect

Almighty God, who through your only-begotten Son Jesus Christ have overcome death and opened to us the gate of everlasting life: grant that, as by your grace going before us you put into our minds good desires, so by your continual help we may bring them to good effect; through Jesus Christ our risen Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.  



The Readings

Acts 7: 54-end
1 Peter 2: 2-10
John 14: 1-14


The Anthem

The Call by Richard Lloyd


The Intercessions

Gracious Heavenly Father, we give you thanks for the teachings in the scriptures and the assurances we have been given through their words. Grant that as we come before you with our intercessions our hearts and minds may remain open to their teachings. May their words act as an inspiration and channel through which we conduct our daily lives.
Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer.

When we contemplate our world, we see the darkness of war and the shadows of conflict disrupting extensive regions of our human communities. We think of Ukraine, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Tigray, and many other areas. The images of destruction and suffering compel us to pray to you urgently for peace. Grant, we humbly beseech you, the cessation of violence, and a willingness to engage in dialog that builds bridges across divides, restoring trust and mutual respect.
Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer.

We pray for the victims of man-made and natural disasters. Help us, therefore, to remain mindful of the plight of refugees and inspire us with the willingness to respond to their needs.
Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer.

Bless and guide our Heads of State, Willem Alexander and Charles, and their queens, Maxima and Camilla.
On this special weekend when we have witnessed the UK monarch, Charles, take an oath at his coronation to be the servant of his people, imbue him with the strength and wisdom to fulfill this promise throughout the duration of his reign.
Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer.

We pray for our bishops, Robert and David, and their diocesan clergy. Support in them the commitment and determination to provide spiritual leadership and guidance throughout the widespread communities that compose our diocese.
Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer.

Today, we ask for your blessing on the members and activities of the Greek Orthodox Church and its relationship with the Archbishop of Canterbury’s representative to the Patriarch of Athens and all Greece.
In our diocesan prayer cycle, we also ask your guidance for our Diocesan Ministry Team in their work to find and develop new ordinands, as well as to promote ministry of the laity.
Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer.

Lord, we lift up before you our Priest, Bruce. We thank you for his ministry and pray that he may continue to lead us towards fresh growth in numbers, and an extended outreach to the surrounding community in Haarlem.
Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer.

Look in mercy upon the sick and infirm in our community. Grant healing and comfort, with a strong assurance of your presence within us. Once again, we lift up before you the many on our prayer list, (especially…………), beseeching you to minister to their specific and personal health and welfare needs.
For those that have departed from this mortal life, grant eternal rest (…..) and bring comfort to the grieving families and friends they leave behind.
Lord, in your mercy hear our prayer.

As we close these intercessions, help us to reflect again on the instruction in St. Peter’s First Letter, which invites us to long for pure, spiritual milk that we may grow (1 Peter 2.2)
Merciful Father, accept these prayers which we offer in the name of your Son, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


Closing Hymn 401

Light’s abode, celestial Salem 


Closing Prayers

Eternal God,
whose Son Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life:
grant us to walk in his way,
to rejoice in his truth,
and to share his risen life;
who is alive and reigns, now and for ever.
Merciful Father,
you gave your Son Jesus Christ to be the good shepherd,
and in his love for us to lay down his life and rise again:
keep us always under his protection,
and give us grace to follow in his steps;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The peace of God, which passes all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in the knowledge and love of God, and of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord; and the blessing of God almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, be among you and remain with you always.

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.
In the name of Christ. Amen.