Easter Sunday in Church

Many regulars and visitors alike joined together for our Easter Sunday service. It was a joyful service with Bruce reminding us of. the traditional Easter Day greeting :

Christ is Risen!  To which we, of course, replied “He is Risen Indeed, Alleluia!”


The choir opened the service with an Easter Sentence and the musical worship continued with hymn singing, a sung psalm and several Choral Works.

The traditional Easter Candle was lit, symbolising Jesus, the Light of the World.


One of our younger members had made a tomb and the stone was rolled away, just as it was by the Angels when the two Marys came to look for Jesus’ body. This was a lovely moment, as was the blessing of the eggs which were handed out at the end by the younger members of the congregation.

Happy Easter to All! 


Christ is Risen!  “He is Risen Indeed, Alleluia!”