Anglican Church Haarlem Protocol during Corona Virus Measures, May 2021 onwards

In Church the following measures are in place:

  • People walking around the church must wear a face mask
  • People are at all times to observe the 1.5 metres distance (two arms-length) from other attendees.
  • Physical contact is avoided at all times and greetings are only by nodding to each other.
  • People are to wash their hands before and after visiting the church: 20 seconds with water and soap, drying hands thoroughly afterwards.
  • Please use the toilet before coming to church. The use of the facilities in church needs to be kept to a minimum as there is only one toilet available. Only one person is allowed in the toilet area at any one time!
  • Church members need to disinfect their hands before entering. A sanitiser is available at the entrance of the church building.
  • Church members follow the directions of the sides-people in the church building.

The Church Service

  • To attend the church service it is necessary to register and a seat will be allocated.
  • Church members wait outside at the entrance, keeping 1.5 metres distance and enter the church one after the other.
  • Church members will be greeted by the sides-person who will ask each person individually about possible health symptoms. If there are symptoms, entrance will not be allowed.
  • Via a designated route (follow the arrows on the floor), church members will go upstairs to the church; the cloak room is closed. Please take your coat with you upstairs. The use of the one available toilet needs to be kept to a minimum.
  • The stair lift is available and will be sanitised after each use.
  • A sides-person will greet you at the door. This person is responsible for the seating arrangements in the church, the maximum number of people present and the routing. The sides-person is responsible for making the final decision if the church area is too full or if undesirable situations occur.
  • People belonging to the same family or household may sit together without observing the 1.5 metres distance.
  • Printed service sheets will be available on the seats. Church books and hymn books will not be used. Until further notice there will be no singing in church. Please take the service sheet home with you.
  • The Peace will be shared by a nod of the head towards each other.
  • The Collection will preferably take place by putting money in the plate at the back of the church or via online banking.
  • The communion rail will not be used: communicants are to remain standing.
  • There is no saying goodbye at the back of the church.
  • Tea is now allowed. Please find a seat and you will be served.