The Lakes

As many of you know I live in the North-West of England, just over an hour’s drive and I could be in the Lake District, an area of mountains, hills, forest, and of course water. Hardly surprising it is an area that attracts 100,000’s of visitors each year.

My first memory of the Lakes of a week in Keswick, close to Derwent Water and the Keswick Convention. The Keswick Convention started in a small in Keswick in a vicarage garden in 1875, it now has over 12,000 people attending the summer gathering. The purpose of the convention is ‘to hear the Word of God and to sing God’s praises, to be encouraged, inspired and equipped to love and live for Christ in His world.’


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Netherlands means low-lying country, it is also known as Holland, Wooded Land. Two of the 12 provinces still bear this name Noord-Holland (North Holland) and Zuid-Holland (South Holland).

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Christians are familiar with the Gospel story of Jeus being baptised by John the Baptist in the Jordan River. It was the prelude to Jesus’ time of temptation in the wilderness and his public ministry. There are, however, stories from the Hebrew scriptures of the Jordan
Hebrew Nəhar hayYardēn; Arabic Nahr al-ʾUrdunn
Meaning ‘to go down’ or ‘to descend’
Or sometimes in Arabic Al-Sharīʿah, the Watering Place


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Wells remain a vital source of water for many across the world today. Not always safe to drink.

There are a number of wells that figure in bible stories….

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We are familiar with the phrase ‘still waters’ in Hebrew Mai Menochot it means restful water. Either phrase conveys a similar meaning, in Psalm 23:2 we read:
He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside the still waters.
Those words create the image of a restful place, a place where you can rest in confidence and feel secure.


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I love the sea, well I enjoy looking out to sea, even watching the sea as a storm gathers. I recall looking out over the small harbour at Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote as boat owners secured their small boats or took refuge on the opposite side of the island as they heeded the storm warning. From the security of the balcony, I watched the storm gather strength and crash over the harbour walls. The sounds and the wind were exhilarating, seeing the power and strength of the waves.


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Our latest edition of Lifeline is here! Written by our community, for our community.


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By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept when we remembered Zion. Psalm 137 verse 1.

Knowing the historical context of Psalm 137 helps to understand the poignancy of the opening sentence. This is especially if we put the open verses of the psalm aside the popular song of the 1970’s.


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A short reflection read from Isaiah and that ‘ waters shall burst forth in the wilderness, and streams in the desert. The parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water’ (Isa 35 6b-7a)


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Our reflection on water this week starts with an account of community unrest and a severe lack of drinkable water. The people of Israel have made their exodus from slavery and entered the Sinai Peninsula (see map below). This long trek to freedom would not be easy and they were to find one of the early challenges was the lack of water.


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