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The new issue of Lifeline is here – number 202!  With articles and news from our own church community. Happy reading!


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The January issue of our church magazine offers news, articles, poetry, dates and more!  Happy reading!


Lifeline 201 Jan 2024

The new issue of Lifeline is here with articles, reflections and news. Read on and enjoy!


Lifeline 199 September 2023

The latest issue of our Church Magazine is here for your to read and enjoy.


Lifeline 198 July 2023

Our informative magazine is now available with the news, articles and dates for your diary. Thanks to our new Editor Tim for all his work we hope you enjoy this issue!


Lifeline 197 May 2023

Here is the March 2023 Edition of Lifeline. For news, dates and articles written by our Church Community. In this Issue we show our appreciation to Philip who, after many years, is standing down as the Editor. And we welcome Tim as our new Editor of Lifeline.

Happy Reading!

Lifeline 196 Mar 2023

Here is Lifeline edition 194 with articles, news and dates from the Anglican Church Haarlem. Enjoy!


Lifeline no.194

Our regular Church Magazine, with news, articles, poems and more, is now available for you to read and enjoy.

Lifeline no.193

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For you to read and enjoy… the latest issue with news, articles, poetry and important dates for your diary.

Lifeline no.192

Our regular newsletter has arrived. We hope you enjoy reading this issue!


Lifeline no.191