Welcome to the Anglican Church Haarlem. We are an English Speaking Church and our small and caring Christian community provides a welcome spiritual haven as we worship God together.

Our regular worship takes place on Sunday afternoons at 14.30. After our services, we are now able to enjoy a socially distanced tea and a chat.  We now take a short break and our next service is on Sunday 16th August. If you wish to join us for this Sunday’s Holy Eucharist service, you are most welcome. Please register first and check the protocols before you come.

Click here to register to attend for Holy Eucharist, Sunday 16th August.


The service for the Eighth Sunday in Trinity, is now available to read:

Click here to read the online service


Postponement of Annual General Meeting
The church council wishes to inform you that the following proposal was accepted on 29th June 2020:
Because of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the Annual Chaplaincy Church Meeting is hereby postponed to a date, still to be determined, but no later than the 31st October 2020.
In addition, the publication of the financial statements for 2019 has also been postponed. The reason for this postponement lies in the fact that the restrictions arising from the situation surrounding Covid19 / Corona virus make it impossible to hold the annual meeting necessary for the adoption of the financial statements within six months after the end of the 2019 financial year.