Attending church on 20th February 2022, 2.30pm

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form which registers your place for the service on Sunday 20th February 2022. The service starts at 2.30pm but please arrive earlier in order to be seated, thank you. Please wear a facemark as you move around church.

Please be aware that certain measures are required of us due to the unusual circumstances of this pandemic. We have a protocol in place and will be there to welcome you.

We ask you to read the protocol before attending church which can be found here.


    I will be attending churchI will not be attending church

    We will try to accommodate every member of our church and community who wishes to attend. There are a limited number of seats available as we have ensured that each seat has a distance around it that complies with the 1.5 metre distance rules. Members of the same household are permitted to sit next to each other.

    We will be in touch to let you know about the details, and if a seat is available.

    Before attending church, please be aware of the following decisions you are making:

    • It is my decision to attend church services. Our chaplaincy is providing the opportunity to have church services again. The Old Catholics have provided routing and sanitation in the church building but the chaplaincy cannot give 100% guarantee that all will be well.
    • I will only go to church if I am healthy and have no symptoms. In case of doubt, I will stay at home. This is not only for myself but also for fellow churchgoers.
    • I will observe the correct distance to fellow churchgoers (1,5 metres = 2 arms-length).
    • I accept that I can be corrected if I do not observe social distancing.