Services & Events

Services ~ we have a Eucharist service every Sunday at 14.30. Currently seats need to be booked in advance. After each service we enjoy a socially distanced tea and chat to which all are welcome.

Our regular worship takes place on Sunday afternoons at 14.30. On Sunday 29th November, however, we will not be holding our Eucharist service at 14.30. Instead we will live stream our Advent Carol Service at 19.30. This is a traditional Service with lessons and carols sung by our choir.  The link for the service will soon be available on our website.


Currently we are following a weekly Said Eucharist due to Corona restrictions and additional prayer groups and discussion groups are not running.


We hope we can soon return to our usual choice of styles of worship and other activities as follows:

1st Sunday, Choral Eucharist
2nd Sunday Sung Eucharist with hymns
3rd Sunday Morning or Evening Prayer, followed by a shortened Eucharist
4th Sunday Said Eucharist
5th Sunday Choral Evensong.

We offer two choral services a month, enjoying traditional Anglican hymns supported by our robed choir. As well as lectionary readings there is a sung psalm and a sung Eucharist setting. The third Sunday also includes traditional Morning and Evening prayer followed by a shortened Eucharist. Our choir also sings an anthem and the service ends with an organ

Every second Sunday of the month we hold a more traditional sung Eucharist. This Holy Communion service uses a congregational communion setting and we enjoy traditional Anglican hymns and lectionary readings.

On the fourth Sunday of the month an intimate Said Eucharist Service offers stillness and quiet. It is valued for its longer moments of prayer and reflection and the opportunity to worship in an historic Anglican way.

If there is a fifth Sunday, our choir is supported by The Anglican Singers for a traditional Choral Evensong. Expect to hear a sung psalm, the Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis as well as an anthem. Choral Evensong is very popular in The Netherland and we often find we have additional visitors for this service.


Midweek Prayer and Discussion

Service of Compline and Prayers for Healing.  This is held once a month in the evening. It is a short meditative service when the prayer list is updated and each person on the list is mentioned during the intercessions.

Discussion Groups.  In Advent and Lent there is a Discussion Group to which everyone is invited for one or all sessions.

Lent Discussion Group